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Bounce Houses for Boys

For boys, we have monster truck bounce houses, castles, sports theme jumpers and super heroes. Consider a water slide, too!

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  • banner-theme-bounce-house.jpg
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    Banner-themed Bouncer
    This neutral bounce house includes your choice of themed banners, from Winnie the Pooh to Pirates of the Caribbean and the movie Cars!
    Size: 13'x 13' Rental Price: $79

  • Spider Guy Bounce House
    Spider Guy Bounce House
    Be your child's hero with a Spider Guy Bounce House Jumper! Give kids the thrill of flying through the air like a super hero inside this inflatable bounce house. The Spiderman-like character moves around as kids jump and bounce inside. With the Spider Guy Bounce House Jumper, it'll be a party the kids will never forget!
    Size: 11'x 11' and 13'x 13' Rental Price: $79

  • Pirate-Bounce-House.jpg
    Pirate Bounce House
    Treat the little mateys to swashbuckling fun with this Pirates of the Caribbean bounce house. 
    Size: 15'x 15' Rental Price: $89

  • Tropical_Bounce-House.jpg
    Tropical Bounce House
    The Tropical Bounce House is fun for everyone! When party guests are jumping inside, the palm trees sway like a tropical storm is brewing. Grab the Sno Kone Machine for the full tropical effect!
    Size: 13'x 13' Rental Price: $79

  • Fun-Express-Train-Jumper.jpg
    Fun Express
    Take a trip on the fun train! Everyone knows kids love trains - imagine THIS at your child's party! Just make sure you have a space long enough for it to fit. Feel free to call us to figure out how to make it work. This jumper is perfect for birthdays, Christmas parties and school or church events with large lawns.
    Size: 41'L x 11'W x 11'H Price: $259

  • Santa Christmas Jumper
    Santa Bounce House
    The best part of living in Las Vegas is weather that lets you have a Christmas Bounce House Party in December! Santa's face will bounce with laughter as kids (and adults) burn off all that excited energy bouncing and tumbling around. Invite Santa's bounce house to your Las Vegas Christmas party for a memorable Christmas!
    Size: 13'x 13' Rental Price: $79

  • 10 x 10 Castle Bounce House
    Compact Castle Bounce House
    Limited on space? This Compact Castle is perfect for those tight spots where a normal jumper might not fit.
    Size: 10' x 10' Rental Price: $79

  • Indoor-10x10.jpg
    Indoor 10x10 Bounce House
    This bounce house is built a little smaller to fit indoors, but it still packs a ton of fun into a party! Make sure your indoor space is big enough - this bounce house is a smaller one, but it's still 10 feet high.
    Size: 10' x 10' Rental Price: $79

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